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Installing a Desktop Recording Program


This Recording Program allows capturing the Desktop, Windows or Regions and creates an animated GIF file.Pros: The GIF file is small, and thus portable, and the program is easy to use and install.Cons: GIF files are animated images and dont support pausing, resuming, or playback from intermediate points. Please click on the image on the left to view the screen capture.


This Desktop Recording Program is better at meeting the requirements of most.

NOTE: Make sure to install "ubuntu-restricted-extras" otherwise this program may or may not work.

Pros: Fantastic, fast and easy to use.

Cons: This program has greater pre-requisites, sometimes has issues on certain configurations. Also, it produces files in the ogg format.

Testing Byzanz

So, it works great... just have to make sure that I dont make mistakes, because I have no idea how to edit a gif file currently... I suppose one of those Photoshop products has that functionality, but I use free software whenever I can. Can't buy expensive software that I dont use often. So I try to make do with free, beta or trial ware whenever I can.I wonder if Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) will help me out here.On a related note, please check out my list of favorite software. Please click on the image on the left to view the screen capture.