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Programming and Logic Building Course

Taught by Professor Qasim Pasta and with Mr. Waqar Haider as my Teaching Assistant, I took this course in the Fall of 2009.

I was partnered with Zeeshan Majeed Khan and Mirza Bilal Baig to create a Ping Pong Final Course Project.
After discussing it with Zeeshan, at his suggestion, we started researching the Microsoft XNA Game Development Studio, which integrates into Visual Studio.

Despite XNA's managed game framework having some serious loopholes such as no support for multi-threading and using polling based keyboard and mouse handlers rather than defaulting to event based programming, we managed to make a decent game.

The game is attached to this page as a zip file containing an installer. Please unzip all the contents of the zip file and run the setup file to install the game. Do not delete the other files, they are necessary to install the game.

Won 1st Place in the end of semester competition for this XNA based Ping Pong Game.


Faizan Kazi,
Dec 16, 2009, 10:14 PM