My Favourite Software



 Nod32 (its fast, its efficient, its quiet - it just deletes the bad stuff and doesn't bother me unnecessarily)

 Audio Video Editors:

 Ubuntu: Kdenlive, Pitvi        Windows: Sony Vegas

 Audio/Video Players:
 K-lite Mega Codec Pack contains a LOT of useful Codecs and comes with Media Player Classic - quite useful.
 VLC media player. A very good alternative.

 iTunes - its actually getting better and better. Love the Genius feature!! :D
 Benchmarking and System Info.
 Speed fan - tracks Temperatures and Voltages for my laptop. I love my laptop. I don't want it to die of... dehydration :P
 CD and DVD Burning
 Deep Burner
 Browsers  Mozilla Firefox!!! When combined with the:
    Tab features and tab restoring of Tab Mix Plus;
    Online bookmarks and password repository of XMarks, accessible anywhere in the world;
    Download manager called DownThemAll.

Google Chrome is awesome too!! Its just that i usually have like 30 tabs saved in Firefox cuz of all the things I am working on at any given time and no browser can handle that kind of craziness except Firefox, but this is a close second.
 Chat and Email
 Google Talk!!
 Windows Live Messenger!

Mozilla Thunderbird. Microsoft Outlook is pretty good too, but not worth the money. Plus Thunderbird supports email threads, like Gmail!
 File Compression
 Winrar. I love the simple, editable and efficient context menu additions (Right Click with the mouse)
 Local File Sync
 Office  Microsoft Office 2007!! YES!! Open Office just doesn't cut it. MS Office looks great, is completely graphical and does everything so well. Don't forget that I'm also including OneNote and other products in this.
 Photo/Image Editing
 Gimp (free and very fast and small - something like a 40MB download)
 Programming:  Java:
    Eclipse (has plugins for Visual GUI development)
    Visual Studio 2008
 Screen Capture
 BB Flashback Express! It's awesome!! It's free! It even shows keystrokes!
 System Recovery and Management
 Acronis True Image and Disk Director - They're graphical, bootable, simple and quick.
 Windows 7!! It's a very good product.
    Windows XP doesn't seem as smooth as it should be when multi-tasking, even with multi-core processors and graphics cards.
    Windows Vista looks great, but is sluggish.

 Windows 7 Gadgets:

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